Teresa Oaxaca Class



I’ve had the pleasure of having Teresa Oaxaca sharing my studio for the past few days- she is running a charcoal drawing workshop out of my space while she is here.  It’s her first trip to Boston, and I’m looking forward to showing her the museums in town.  She’s a big Sargent fan, and we certainly have plenty of Sargent’s best works here.

I know Teresa from Florence, she had gone to John Angel’s school and then transferred to the Florence Academy during her last year.  That always created a quiet uproar in town- when a student transferred it felt like a bit of a statement.  Plus, her work as a student was good, and if anything gets you noticed and remembered in Florence it is certainly that.  Being a hybrid between schools has created some of Florence’s best painters; thus Teresa has gone on to be very well-known in realist painting circles in a very short amount of time.





Here is Teresa’s block-in demo from the first day




Her class is going great- Oaxaca’s enthusiasm for drawing is infectious, and she goes around the room quickly, critiquing basically non-stop, taking breaks from talking to students only to demonstrate her techniques in charcoal on paper.  Besides of course trying to get the model’s likeness and general proportions, Teresa is helping the students with their technique: expressivity of line, directional hatching, calligraphic shading, and tonal control.  On a personal note, I very much like overhearing how each of these guest instructors I have brought to town have been explaining concepts that we focus on in my studio- but explaining them in a different way.  It’s great for my regular weekly students to get a different perspective on the same thing.







some of the student work 


Additionally, Teresa has been doing charcoal portrait commission work out of my studio in the evenings.  The below one was accepted by the client last night.  She is here for a couple more days, if you would like her to draw a portrait for you just inbox me and I will set it up.