Still Life Paintings

It’s time to post some work, show folks what I have been up to.  As usual, I spent some time painting outdoors this winter, though our snow left much to be desired this year.  In a way, that was a bit helpful, it encouraged me to stay in the studio and start doing some still life painting again.  It had been at least a few years since I painted still life in earnest, so it has been great to delve into it again- as one might expect, my approach is now quite different than it was back in 2006-2010 when I painted primarily still lives.  I have been enjoying them.




The batch of paintings below is part of a still life exhibition ‘Stillness‘ at Ann Long Fine Art in Charleston, SC.  The show opens this Thursday, and you can see whats in the exhibition by clicking here.  Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it down for the opening, Charleston is a really fun, beautiful town with great food and weather.



Fennel and Spring Onion 12×10″


Honeydew_and_Grapes 9.5x11.5%22

Honeydew and Grapes 10×12″



Single Pomegranate 10×8″



Halved Avocado 10×12″


Bunch of Asparagus 12×16″



Cauliflower and Onion, Warm Light 10×14″



Watermelon Slice 12×16″



Then, the below four still lifes went off to the gallery I show with in Boston, Sloane Merrill Gallery.  They are not part of an big exhibition, but I was there the other day and most are currently hanging if you stop in at the gallery.  The below painting is my favorite painting from this year thus far.




Pear and Pomegranate 11×14″



Poggio Antico and Pomegranate 16×20″



Artichoke, Tomatoes and Garlic 10×15″



Breakfast 12×16″


The below batch has gone off to a variety of places, and a couple I still have.  The top picture with the three clementines is going to be part of a 2-Person show I’m participating in next month at Tree’s Place gallery in Orleans, MA, down in Cape Cod.  That show opens on May 21st, I’ll be at the opening, and the show runs through labor day weekend to June 3rd.



Spotlight 13×22″



Single Turnip 9×16″



Watermelon Radishes 10×12″



Sliced Pear 10×14″



Satsuma Mandarins 10×14″



Pomegranates 7×10″


As this post has become a bit long, I will do a separate one for recent landscape paintings.