Nova Scotia’s South Shore


*edit 9/25/15 somehow forgot to include this top image when I came back from Nova Scotia


Dory Shop 14×18″




Backlit Docks in Blue Rocks 12×16″


Before being in Boston and organizing the smattering of courses, open studios and dinner parties of the past week, I spent a fun half-relaxed work trip in Nova Scotia with my old friends Marc and Ben.  We were painting for Ann Long Fine Art, whose gallery is in Charleston, South Carolina, but has had a summer home in Chester on the south shore of NS for some time now.  We painted all week, ate well and wrestled with the fog, and had a cocktail party at the end to show the locals our work.




Picton Castle, Fog 16×12″


I’d been wanting to get to Nova Scotia for a long time.  Though it feels far, geographically, it is very close- there is an intense history between the historic fishing towns of Gloucester, MA and Lunenburg, NS- a sometimes bitter, sometimes friendly rivalry over the fishing area of George’s Bank- smack between the arm of Cape Cod and the peninsula of Nova Scotia, off the coast of Maine. On a personal note, I grew up with my dad going through bouts of listening to what seemed like exclusively Stan Rogers, drunkenly singing along to ‘Northwest Passage” at inordinate volume.  I imagine he picked up his affinity of NS’ folk music back in the 60’s when he lived in Vermont and invited musicians from nearby Cape Breton to record in Vermont.




Morning Mist, Blue Rocks 12×16″




Docks in Fog 20×24″


I suppose what had been attracting me to go to NS to paint, besides the summer fishery subject matter I’ve come to love painting in Maine, was the palpable atmosphere that everyone talks about- and we had plenty of that.   Though we had many sunny days, the fog was often thick enough to cut with a knife.  The above painting started out as a clear, blue sky sunny day front-lit painting, and by the end of the trip I was understating the fog effect in my picture.  C’est la vie.








Chester Boat Yards 12×16″


I’d very much like to get up there to paint again, though next time maybe focusing on Cape Breton or Prince Edward Island.






Ripple Wharf, Chester 12×16″

See Marc’s paintings from our Nova Scotia trip by clicking here.