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Courses in traditional Drawing and Painting

Held in the vibrant environment of a working artist's studio.

Traditional Artist Materials with Leo Mancini-Hresko

at Atelier Flowerfield

Announcing an edition of our Artists’ Materials course taught for the first time in Long Island, through Atelier Flowerfield

Don’t miss this opportunity to go through every possible angle of art materials in a beautiful studio just outside Stony Brook, NY.  As usual, come to learn, take notes and learn processes- and go home with some of the best quality paint, panel and canvas that money just can’t buy (no, really: it’s super hard to find anything like what we’ll be making)

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paint the figure with

Jesus Emmanuel Villarreal

February 23 -27, 2019.  $700, all model fees included

Since returning from his studies at The Florence Academy of Art in 2009, Jesus has slowly and methodically carved out a place for himself in the landscape of figurative artists working today.  In addition to winning the grand prize at the Portrait Society of America’s competition in 2011, he has held both one-man shows and group exhibitions at top galleries in NYC and as far afield as Maine and Tennessee.

Over what is now nearly a decade, Villarreal has cultivated a group of students in Connecticut and the outskirts of NYC.  He has been sharing his talents there, and though he has recently relocated to Miami, he continues to return to the Northeast to work with his long-term students- as an old friend, and very impressive figurative artist, I wanted to make sure to bring him to the studio here.

This course will be the first opportunity to study with Jesus in Boston, and will comprise of ample model time (30 hours!), significant one on one critique and demonstration by the visiting artist.


-Constructing The Figure with Ben Fenske-

April 6-10th 2019 from 9:00-5:00 each day.  $750 model fees included

A new version of one of our most popular Guest Instructed courses

In the new year Ben and I wanted to announce a slightly modified version of his construction-based figure courses.  A new take on the concept that would be appropriate still for beginning students wanting to further their understanding of structure and anatomy, or returning students who have studied Ben’s approach for internalizing structure and wanted to paint the figure with him- as we did for the portrait last September.

For those of you who follow the courses taught through this studio, you will know that Fenske’s classes offer some of the most information, extensive lecturing and ample model time.  Expect to still go in depth in anatomy, surface structure and a system of memorization for the human form- but coupled with attention at the individual student’s level and in depth demonstrations.

” We advertise Ben’s courses as ‘construction’ courses, ways to study building the figure, with the goal being the ability to draw with or without the live model.  Perhaps more accurately, we could say that these are courses in theory and abstract conception of the figure through the memorization of specific anatomical points and surface references.  But it’s easier to say ‘Construction’.”

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Marc Dalessio

Enlarging the Plein Air sketch: The Studio Landscape.  April 13-16th 2019
at our Waltham Studio, from 9-4:00 each day $800

An exciting and important aspect of painting the landscape: producing works in the artist’s studio.

Ask most landscape painters and they will tell you how important working in the studio truly is.  Yet, many landscape classes today are focused solely on sketching outdoors.  This class will be an ideal opportunity for those students who want to make their work even more presentable, creating studio pieces blown up from their own outdoor studies.

During this four day intensive, Marc Dalessio will for the first time walk a class through his techniques and methods for producing his highly finished studio works.  Each student admitted to the class will bring painted sketches from their own travels and home studios, with the addition of every tool in the artist’s arsenal: oils, line drawings, tonal studies and photographs.  With Marc’s guidance, each student will create a studio piece with their personal work, endeavoring to change the composition when necessary to create a convincing effect of space, atmosphere and design throughout.

In addition to Marc demonstrating laying in a large studio landscape, for the students who have not yet taken one of his classes, he will demonstrate his sight size sketching process outdoors as well.  Students will have an opportunity to receive critique throughout, as Marc crafts a studio landscape alongside the class, demonstrating the importance of every aspect of the preparatory studies.

class full, email for waitlist


May 4-6th 2019, mornings and afternoons

Teresa Oaxaca: Alla Prima Portrait

$450 model fees included

Very happy to announce Teresa’s return to the Waltham studio.  At this point, we have done many classes together over past years, and its always a pleasure to have her back to teach.
We decided it would be fun to refocus her next painting course on her one-shot Portrait technique.  We will work on the same pose each morning and afternoon, and Teresa will work with each individual student to develop an accurate likeness, with characterization and breadth of technique.

Each student can expect lots of personal attention from Teresa, who has years of experience sharing her techniques with students in this workshop format.

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Past Workshops:

Traditional Materials Workshop at the Waltham Studio October 20th and 21st 2018

Painting the Portrait with Ben Fenske September 7-10th 2018

New England Landscape with Marc Dalessio July 27-30th, 2018

Landscape Painting with Leo Mancini-Hresko June 23-25th 2018

Figure Construction with Ben Fenske March 3rd to 7th 2018

Painting the Figure and Interior with Joe Altwer February 10th-12th 2018

The Portrait in an Aesthetic Environment with Teresa Oaxaca January 26-29th, 2018

The Coastal Connecticut Landscape with Leo Mancini-Hresko September 30th-October 2nd 2017

Painting the Interior:  A Demonstration by Joe Altwer August 26th 2017

Ben Fenske: Constructing the Portrait August 12-14th 2017

Ben Fenske: Painting the Landscape in Light and Color August 9-11th 2017


Sergio Roffo Painting Demonstration, July 29th 2017


Marc Dalessio Plein Air Course Stonington, Maine July 10-14th 2017

Snow Painting with Leo Mancini-Hresko, Concord, MA, February 11+12 2017

Materials w Leo Mancini-Hresko at FAA US, Jersey City NJ, Nov. 19+20 2016

Portrait Sketching w Leo Mancini-Hresko at North River Art Association October 29+30 2016

fenske codman

Ben Fenske Landscape Painting Workshop August 13-15 2016


Portrait Painting with Adrian Gottlieb, July 23-27th 2016

Oaxaca_150206#1, 2/4/15, 4:23 PM, 8C, 9000x10752 (0+609), 150%, Custom, 1/25 s, R42.9, G16.9, B36.5

The Alla Prima Portrait with Teresa Oaxaca-June 24-27th 2016


Constructing the Figure with Ben Fenske- March 14-18th 2016


Snow Painting Workshop with Leo Mancini-Hresko- January 30-31st 2016


Sculpting the Portrait with Robert Bodem- December 14-18 2015


Autumn Landscape Painting with Stapleton Kearns, November 14-16th 2015

DSC_1971 (1024x683)

Painting Materials for the Working Artist, October 3-4th 2015


Charcoal Portrait Sketching with Teresa Oaxaca, September 24th-27 2015


Landscape Painting with Marc Dalessio, August 28-30 2015


Constructing the Portrait with Ben Fenske, August 27-31 2015

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