A Fresh Start

I’m trying a whole new look and approach to my website and blog….. I had the first in a series of malware infections while I was in Russia last year- after doing everything I could to purge my website a few times, I decided to scrap the whole thing and start from scratch.  Unfortunately, in doing so I’ve lost guest comments, some of my posts, and my SEO ranking which was getting quite good.  That said, I’ve never exactly been a diligent blogger with a lot to say, this will give me an opportunity to reorganize my occasional text posts and paintings into something a bit more coherent.

It will take some time to fix all the links in the old blog posts and reupload images.  In the meantime, the text is still in place.

Have a look through the site and feel free to leave any comments you might have on this post, or over at the contact page.